Many homeowners get sick of staring at the same bathroom or kitchen design everyday. Sometimes it is important for a change of pace. As simple as it might seem, kitchen remodel phoenix can really help the entire house look better. It is hard to know where to begin when there are so many options to choose from. Some of the best designers across the nation have put together their ideas to inspire homeowners looking to remodel both their kitchen and bathroom.

Annie Brahler is very proud of her Dutch heritage; this shows in the kitchen of her home in Jacksonville, Illinois. The kitchen includes two fireplaces, an 18th century French arm chair, a bronze chandelier from Holland, a double door cupboard, and grey painted floors.


Anik Pearson has used her genius to put together a sophisticated modern kitchen right in New York. It uses a combination of wood, concrete, and metals to create a simple urban look. A white painted ceiling and harbor lights help tie the whole kitchen together.

Susan Ferrier is the owner of a small Alabama townhouse. In a small space you don’t want the room to be crowded; instead you want the illusion of grandeur. This was done by arranging the furniture and organizing the colors in a manner that will help the room breathe.
Mike De Giulio turned an old horse stable into a modernized kitchen. This old farmhouse in Lakewood, Illinois has been touched with modern renovations while still managing to carry its traditional country roots.

Erin Martin has designed one of the most in depth kitchens. The homeowner in Nappa Valley was a huge fan of the arts. He requested that his hobby be implemented into his kitchen for his pleasure. Erin Martin indented a beautiful wall paper with technical designs using both blue and white colors . The wall paper was drawn by artist Michael Dute. The artist uses spirals as the base in his shaping. The ceiling features a barrel vaulting which really brings the room to life; it creates a very theatrical setting.


Dan Doyle has recycled raw materials such as steel, wood and glazed brick to create a very industrial kitchen penthouse in St. Helena, California. The foundation is very sturdy from using some of the strongest materials. Although the looks aren’t very aethestic it is well built and edgy.

Gary McBournie was inspired by boating and modeled his kitchen based on what a kitchen would look like on a yacht. The room is very decorative and portrays a boater’s lifestyle. The beautiful kitchen is located in Nantucket.

The company, Incorporated Architecture & Design co built a bright kitchen based in New York City. The model was influenced by the 19th century old English country. The design is simple and flawless; yet beautiful.